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Audio Tours for Museums and Exhibitions

Enrich your museum or exhibition with custom-made audio tours. Writing, recording, and publishing audio tours has never been easier.

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  • Custom-Made for You

    Explore the museum at your own pace with custom-made audio tours. Delve into in-depth stories about artworks that interest you.

  • Multilingual Experience

    Enjoy an inclusive experience with audio tours available in multiple languages. Choose the language that suits you for better understanding.

  • Easy Access with QR Codes

    Easily scan QR codes at each artwork and listen to engaging stories instantly. No hassle with apps or equipment.

Before and after Narratours

Without Narratours

  • Waste months developing an in-house solution
  • Spend thousands buying old-fashioned devices
  • Have a boring museum experience
  • Exclude visitors who speak other languages
  • Slow or impossible to make changes
  • Lose valuable insights into visitors' behavior

With Narratours

  • Save time by utilizing our ready-made solution
  • No costs for hardware, just use your visitors' smartphones
  • Effortlessly update content at any time
  • Boost museum experience with engaging tours
  • Include visitors from diverse language backgrounds
  • Gain invaluable insights into visitor behavior through data analytics
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Make Your Museum Visit Unique with Our Custom Audio Tours

Are you seeking a meaningful museum experience without the crowds of group tours? Discover our custom-made audio tours.

Easy Access with QR Codes
No Hassle

Simply scan QR codes at each artwork to listen instantly to captivating stories.

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Voice-overs powered by AI

Powered by AI in 29 languages

Have your audio tours narrated by our AI voice-over technology. Enjoy seamless and consistent audio quality. Or enjoy the services of our in-house narrators.


And more...

Unveiling the Stories behind Each Artwork

Immerse yourself in the meaning and story of each artwork with captivating narratives shared by experts.

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Discover Our Powerful Features

Explore the possibilities that elevate our audio tours to the next level.

  • QR Codes on All Smartphones

    Easily scan QR codes on any smartphone using our intuitive interface, compatible with a wide range of phones.

  • Analysis and Tracking New

    Effortlessly track usage and engagement with our audio tours through advanced analysis and tracking tools, providing insights such as total listens, popular stops, and average listening duration.

  • Customizable Playback Speed New

    Tailor your listening experience with adjustable playback speeds ranging from 0.5x to 2x, ensuring maximum comfort and comprehension for every user.

  • Whitelabel Capabilities

    Personalize your audio tours seamlessly with our whitelabel capabilities, allowing you to incorporate your own logo and colors effortlessly.

  • In-House and AI Voice Overs

    Choose from our diverse range of professional voices for multilingual audio tours, all produced in-house, ensuring the perfect fit for your tour's theme and audience.

  • Interactive Map

    Effortlessly navigate through the museum with our interactive map feature, highlighting your current location and providing additional functionalities such as point-of-interest markers and directions.

  • Text Tailored to Your Content

    Enrich your audio tour with expertly crafted texts tailored to your content, ensuring a cohesive and engaging narrative that reflects your unique story and vision.

  • Multiple Languages New

    Offer your visitors a truly immersive experience with audio tours available in multiple languages, facilitated by our seamless translation services.

  • Additional Information

    Enhance the context of each exhibit with supplementary information such as photos, videos, and external links, providing users with a comprehensive and enriching tour experience.

  • Customizable QR Codes

    Personalize your QR codes with custom images and colors, allowing you to maintain brand consistency and create a unique visual identity for your tours.

  • Fully Customizable

    Tailor every aspect of your audio tours to suit your specific needs and preferences, from interface customization to tour structure and beyond.

  • Proofreading of Provided Texts

    Ensure the professionalism and accuracy of your tour content with our proofreading services, conducted by our expert team to guarantee error-free and polished text.



For individuals or one-time codes.

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  • Standard QR-code
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Frequently Asked Questions

Didn't find what you were looking for? Contact us!

I have a special request for my tours. Is that possible?

Yes, we can add additional features to the tours, such as a quiz, a map, and much more. Please contact us to discuss the possibilities.

Can I apply my branding to the audio tours?

Certainly, we offer white-labeling options so you can add your logo and colors for a seamless brand experience. We can also host the tours entirely on your domain.

Can I add extra information, such as photos, to the audio tours?

Certainly, you can add additional information to enhance the context of each item.

How long does it take to create a custom audio tour?

The time depends on your specific requirements. Once we have gathered and reviewed all the information, we aim to deliver within 5 working days.

Can I provide my own voice-overs for the audio tours?

Yes, you can provide your own professional voice-overs, and we can integrate them into the tours.

Do I need to update the QR codes when updating the content?

No, one of the benefits of Audioguide is that you can update the content without updating the QR codes. Users always have access to the latest information when they scan the code.

Can I customize the order of the audio content for an optimal museum experience?

Yes, you can customize the order of the audio content according to the desired route or themes in your museum.

Is there a limit to the number of visitors who can follow the tour simultaneously?

Audioguide is scalable and can support large numbers of visitors without limitations.

Do my visitors need to bring special equipment for the audio tours?

No, your visitors can use their own smartphones to listen to the audio tours. They just need to scan a QR code, and the tour begins.